FSW: "Any Man With Two Hands Has a Fighting Chance" - Friday, March 9, 2018 - Days Inn Buttler Conference Center

Man what a night of action! Here are the results from Any Man With Two Hands Has A Fighting Chance!

- Hoss Match: Brohemoth def. "The Five Alarm Fire" Jason Tyler
- Commissioner Jack Slater introduces new FSW Heavyweight Championship, but was interrupted by Jami Jameson, Toryn Flight, and Zack Rayne, setting the stage for the a three way for the #1 contendership later in the night!
- Riot City def. Picture Perfect (Calvin Couture and Mambo Italiano)
- Malek Avalon def Remy LaVey and Alan Flava
- Fuji Michanoku def Rayo
- James Ellsworth def Chest Flexor after James refused to accept his induction into the STD's Hall of Fame
- James Ellsworth def Joseline Navarro in an impromptu Intergender Championship match following intermission!
- Alpha Pack def The STDs and JJ Rumham & AKA in a three way tag team match!
- "Country Hammer" Jami Jameson def Toryn Flight & Zack Rayne to become the #1 Contender for the FSW Heavyweight Championship
- John Rodin def Big Sean Studd to retain the FSW Heavyweight Championship
- Bronco McBride def Marshall "The Bull" Gambino in a violent weapons match which included thumbtacks and wine bottle. After the match, Jami Jameson attacked Bronco from behind to send a message to everybody on the roster.

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